Project Management Apps Won't Run Your Project.

Matter of fact, they might even make it worse. But having someone who understands Project Management, Business Development, and Technology in the context of construction on your team just might be the tool you need.

Time to run your project like a pro!

Tech companies want to promise you the moon on efficiency, organization, and new profits. The reality is, this not the reality. You need someone who understands how projects come together, how to clarify the vision, AND how to leverage the ever growing and changing world of tools.

Sales Structure

Projects don't start at the project initiation step. They start at closing a client. I'll get you setup on a structured funnel system so that your project begins on solid ground.

Project Management

Good project management is boring. It requires tenacity with documenting things that you, as a craftsperson, already know. Formalizing that process has value, you just don't have the time.

Follow Through

A big miss in craft-based business is the After Action Review. I'll automate that process to get we get you the happy client referrals and testimonies you deserve.

Improving Your Strategies, Growing Your Business

Don't let yourself drawn in overwhelm or fall behind because you feel like you're backed into a corner. Running a business is hard and requires a very different knowledge-base than what it took to develop your carft.

If Project Management seems like it's out of reach for the size of your business. Don't think again, let me think for you!

Making the boring business exciting.

Sales Funnels

If you're missing calls you're missing out. I will not only make sure 100% of your inbound gets answered, I'll build you professional grade sells funnels that convert in a way that sets you up for success once the project begins.

Project Management

I'll setup your business to automate the boring stuff and be your accountability partner. I'll fill in the blanks and help you stay on top of the big picture of your business and the projects you have going on inside of it..

Data Analysis and Follow Through

Don't keep making the same mistakes over and over, the definition of insanity. When your client onboarding and projects have good structure then you have the tools necessary to evaluate and grow beyond today's ability.

Turn your trade skill business into an actual business instead of a job!

With a dedicated part-time project manager, you get the benefit of organization, data analysis, and high level progress of your business while you double down on doing what you do best - your craft!

You might not actually need full time Project Management

There's a messy pivot point of having enough work to need PM help without being financially ready for PM staff.

Don't let your inherent data not do work for you

Are paying for over-priced software hoping it'll magically tell you what you need to do?

Don't let yourself become backed into a corner

Companies are spending everyday putting out fires.


No contracts required because we fully believe we will win your confidence and ROI.

10% - 30%

Sells Funnels

If you're counting on word of mouth and a beautiful website, you're doing it wrong. I'll bring in sells from new channels and only take commissions from where you're not making money already.

$249 / Month*

Accountability Partner

I'll setup your business to automate the boring stuff and be your accountability partner. I'll fill in the blanks and send you reports every week to keep the high level perspective of your business in check.

$499 / Month*

Data Analysis and Follow Through

For those looking for Pre-Project Planning, On-going Data Retrieval, Weekly Overview Data Analysis, and After Action follow up.

Ready to get started?

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